Active Travel

Valhalla Travel promoting Active Travel cyclists with Active Travel logo

Because of the transition of our travel agency business from Active Travel to Valhalla Travel (and the small matter of #cword) you haven’t heard much from us.

We are very much on track to resurrecting Active Travel in the long-term vision that we have had for a number of years and that is to bring things back in line with our name and become the main go-to for clients who want to create (or join) a small group adventure with a focus on all things Active.

So, whether it is #cycling, #walking, #trekking, #yoga, #sailing, #diving, #kayaking, or even mountaineering then make sure you start with a simple conversation with one of our experienced travel advisors, it will be one of the best decisions that you ever make and will truly shape your vision. | 02 6249 6788