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10 Reasons to Book with an ATAS Accredited Travel Agent

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Companies often claim, ‘We choose online bookings to reduce costs.’ But does it genuinely lead to savings? Is it the most efficient way to manage travel and time? Importantly, does it ensure the safety and well-being of travellers?

Airlines encourage direct online bookings but acknowledge that travel agents offer superior service. Despite airlines discontinuing travel agent commissions, they sometimes provide lower fares on their websites, unintentionally competing with the very representatives they should support.

Explore these ten compelling reasons to select a Travel Agent for flight bookings:

1 – Reserve a seat with travel agents, a feature not available on online booking sites.

2 – Travel agents handle all aspects of your trip, including flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals.

3 – Travel agents often access cheaper flight tickets compared to online booking sites.

4 – Request special arrangements like child/group discounts, meal preferences, seat choices, airport pick-up, wheelchair assistance, etc.

5 – Travel agents are available 24/7—before, during, and after your journey.

6 – For group trips, complex itineraries, or frequent business travel, a travel agent simplifies the process.

7 – When time is limited or flight searching isn’t your forte, a travel agent can step in. At Valhalla Travel, our expert Travel Advisors are ready to secure the best flight deals globally! Contact us at 02 6249 6122 or email [email protected] to organsine a chat with your soon to be dedicated Travel Advisor.

8 – Find a reputable travel agent through referrals from friends and family or scan reviews from reputable review businesses such as Trustpilot, Google and Facebook. Seek recommendations from those who have enjoyed satisfactory services from a travel agent. Remember, the travel agent works for you.

9 – Know your travel budget before approaching a travel agent—it’s unlikely the first enquiry will establish your needs in full and you have a part to play in aiding them in identifying the best destinations within your budget.

10 – For specialized trips, like a once-in-a-lifetime safari, choose a specialist familiar with the region, likely to have exclusive deals and strong ties with local hotels and activity providers. Valhalla Travel works with a strong network of local suppliers and long standing companies in the international travel community, if we don’t know the answer we will know who to speak to in order to get one!

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